Saturday, November 20, 2010

Decorations for your Thanksgiving table using your Cricut Imagine / Decoraciones para Accion de Gracias con la Cricut Imagine

Hello everyone !!! I am Martha and can't be happier to be a Weekend Warrior on Tammy's Design Team.And yes, it will be Thanksgiving in just a few days!!! And among the many things that I have to be thankful for, I am that I have my Cricut Imagine that helps me speed up my Holiday decorations. You can go to my blog and check out other creations /i have made with this wonderful machine. For this project, I made some things for the Thanksgiving table: a table runner, placemats, menu cards and place cards. I used burlap on all of the items.
****Para este proyecto prepare un "runner", mantelitos, tarjeta de menu y tarjeta de asiento, todas con tela de saco.
Preparing burlap:
Gently handwash, let dry and iron the burlap that will be decorated with fabric transfer - Decide how big you want your pieces to be and do the following: pull out a thread of the burlab - Cut through the space the thread was - Pull out more threads on each side to make a fringe.
****Lave a mano, seque y planche la tela de saco que lleva adornos con "iron-on transfers". Luego, preapare la tela siguiendo estos pasos.


Menu cards:
You want the burlap to be stiff. For this you can use a fabric stiffener or hard drying glue. I used glue this way: add all around the edges, brushing towards the center. Add a little more glue to the center and spread. Let dry.
****Si desea endurecer la tela, use un endurezador o use pega que seque duro. Aplique en toda la orilla y con una brocha, hake la pega hacia el centro. A~nada mas pega si es necesario y deje secar.

This menu card is 5 x 7. I cut a piece of cardstock 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 and layered it on top of the burlap. Then, using my Imagine, I cut maple leaves out of green cardstock from The Create a Critter cartridge. to place them on the top layer of the menu card where the actual menu is written. Make a bow to decorate the place card holder.
****Prepare en su computadora la tarjeta con el menu y decore con hojas cortads con su maquina.

Place cards:
Fold a piece of 6 x 3 inch of cardstock by half - Glue a piece of fringed burlap to the front - With the Imagine More and Create a Critter cartridges installed to your Cricut Imagine, cut a maple leaf 3 inches high and flood with color - Glue the leaf to the burlap - Make a name tag and add to the place card.
****Doble por la mitad un pedazo de cartulina de 6 x 3 pulg. Adorne con tela. Coloque una hoja previamente cortada y coloreada en la Cricut Imagine, con los cartuchos mencionados. Ponche una etiqueta con el nombre.

Runner and place mats:
With the Imagine More and Create a Critter cartridges installed into your Cricut Imagine, select maple leaves, acorns and pumpkin shapes and flood with the pattern of your choice. Place Print'n Press Iron-On transfers on your cutting mat. Set your machine at pressure 5 and multicut 2. Print and cut and iron on to your runner and place mats (previously finged and ironed).
****Ponga en su "mat" un papel Print'n Press para hacer transferencias. En su maquina, ponga la navaja en presion 5 y "multicut" 2. Corte las figuras y planchelas a la tela, previamente deshilada y planchada.

Place burlap on a flat, long surface. Add a thin strip of Liquid Stitch glue to the the thread where the fringe starts. Gently lay down the trimming over the glue, gently tapping (do not press down). Go all around the runner or place mat.
****Sobre su tela ya  preparada, pegue el adorno sobre una hilera de pega Liquid Stitch. No presione el adorno, dejelo caer suavemente sobre la pega.

You will be surprised at your results !!! Isn't this lovely ???


Saturday, November 13, 2010

A ThAnKInG WE WiLL Go blog hop: "Lets be Thankful" ("Demos Gracias")

So the day is finally here and I really hope you are enjoying this blog hop as much as I am. You must be coming from Madison's blog at  Thank you Jess for being such a wonderful hostess and BTW, if any of you need to go back to the beginning of the hop, click here.

There are so many things I have to be grateful for but,  the thing that I am most grateful for are my children. They have been a true blessing since the day I found out I was pregnant for the first time. Now they are young adults and guess what ??? ... LOL... they keep me young, happy and soooooooo active!!! .... more than I wish to. My children are the heart of my house, in which there is always laughter and activity 24/7. The best thing is that children are God's gift that keeps on giving; now I not only have 5 children but, I also have my precious grandson. It is for this reason, that a picture of my children, grandson and, my four legged son is the focal point of my special Thanksgiving project.

Lets do it:

  • Cut a house shape from chipboard. Cut a window in the front part of the house that is a little bit smaller than the size of the picture.

  • Remove the red cover of the tape to expose the sticky part. Place a piece of acetate over the picture.Cut around picture, removing excess acetate.

  • On the back part of the "window" glue a piece of ribbon or trimming to form a "curtain". Go around the window frame (back part of the "house" with Terrifically Tacky Tape and remove the red plastic.
    •  Place window over picture, making sure picture is centered. Cover chipboard with cardstock.
    • **Glue front of house to the back of the house.

Make scarecrows out of chipboard and cover with cardstock. Glue raffia to dolls head, arms and  legs. Dress up.

Make window frame, scallop border and fence out of cardstock covered chipboard.

  • Cut pumpkins and leaves. Color and ink.

  • Add fence, scarecrows, leaves and pumpkins using dimensional dots and tap

Make the circles for the banner and glue to the twine with glue dots. Glue the ends of the banner twine to the house. Glue the scallop border to the house, catching in the ends of the banner.
    • The banner is written in Spanish. In English it means: "LET'S BE THANKFUL".

It's now time to hop over to Meighen's blog at and see what wonderful project she has made to express how she is thankful.
May God bless you all and have a beautiful Thanksgiving Day.
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thanksgiving Pilgrim card / Tarjeta Dia De Accion De Gracias

Hi !!! This is a cute Pilgrim Thanksgiving card I made a few weeks ago. The sentiment is in Spanish and it means Happy Thanksgiving. :) I made my own pattern paper using kraft colored cardstock that I stamped with sunflowers.
**** Hola !!!! Esta es una graciosa tarjeta de Accion De Gracias con una linda peregrina. Hice mi propio papel de dise~nador, estampando unos girasoles de distintos colores en papel "kraft".


Monday, November 8, 2010

30 DaYS Of GiFT MaKInG: DAY 8 - Three Snowmen Wall Hanging

Welcome to DAY 8 of 30 DaYS Of GiFT MaKInG !!! Yesterday, Candace made a beautiful treat box that you can see here ! To see all of the projects, start at our wonderful hostess Jill by clicking here.

OMG!!! This wall hanging came out so cute, it will be a gift to MYSELF !!! Even though I live in sunny, warm Puerto Rico most all of my Christmas Decorations are snowmen. I just love those cute guys !!! LOL My front yard looks like a Winter Wonderland at Christmas !!! Inside the house, well... I have more snowmen all around !!! Without further ado, here is my project:

  • Paint three 5.1 x 7.25 corner plaques by Plaid
  • From the Snow Friends cartridge, cut your favorite snowmen shapes. I used adhesive backed felt (Craft Felts) that I got at Walmart. I put the felt in my Cricut Expression and set the blade depth at six and multicut 4, but the blade could not cut through all the thickness. The blade left a very good impression on the felt and I cut over it with the scissors. 
    • Dress and bling up your snowmen.

  • Glue trimming around each plaque. I used a glue gun to do this.

  • Join the three plaques together. I did this by gluing down red ribbon at the back of the plaques with my glue gun, as shown in the picture below.

  • Hang your creation on the wall and enjoy your new piece of Christmas/winter Home Decor.

I am inviting you all to check in tomorrow with Kelly at to see what she has made to share with us !!! HaPPy CraFtiNg !!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

GrEat NewS !!!!! YAaaaaaAAyyyy!!!

Gooooood MORNING, EvEryOne !!!! I am so Super Happy !!! I can't believe that I am now a member of the WEEKEND WARRIOR DT !!! Whaaaaat ??? LOL Yes, Tammy @ Creative Critterz Imaginations picked some VERY, VERY talented ladies to make her Creative Critterz Imaginations DT and the Weekend Warriors DT, which will be guest designers on Saturdays. Now, how cool is that !!! These ladies are:

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Carrie Green -
Samantha Strachan -  ........... and ME !

So make sure you go check out their blogs for some great inspiration. Becoming a "FOLLOWER" will be very appreciated.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

30 DaYS Of GiFt MaKinG: DAY 2 - "Blessings" Autumn Wreath with Pie Shaped Plaque

HI everyone !!!! Welcome to 30 Days of Gift Making blog hop: DAY 2 !!! Don't you think that Jill's project was cute and, oh so meaningful ! ... loved it! If you haven't seen it, click here. Her project was the first of the 30 gift making ideas you will see on this special blog hop which Jill is hosting.

My gift is for my oldest daughter Cindy (not that it will be the only one she will be getting lol). Last year I made the most beautiful autumn wreath for my door and she loved it. As usual, she asked me to make one for her and as usual, I said: "Sure!" :) I ended up not making it but, this year I made it up to her big time; her wreath is much prettier and has more elements than mine Yaaay (...feeling less guilty!) lol 

Most of the instructions will be illustrated step by step through pictures. You can use the instructions to make Christmas wreaths or any other theme wreath.

  • These are the materials that I used for the wreath: vine wreath - spray of maple leaves - spray of sunflowers - raffia - florist wire (wrapped) - glue gun - masking tape - ribbon for a bow.

Lets do it:
  • Cut the raffia into bunches of app. 6 inches long. Tie the bottom of the bunches with floral wire and cover the wired part with masking tape.
  • Cut apart the spray of maple leaves leaving a stem app. 1 1/2 inches long. (this part of the stem is what you will insert and glue into the vine wreath). 
    • Separate the spray of maple leaves that have the "berries" from the plain ones. Start arranging the ones with the "berries" all in the same direction. When satisfied with the arrangement, glue them down with the glue stick. DO NOT GLUE ANYTHING BEFORE FIRST CHECKING IF YOU ARE COMPLETELY SATISFIED WITH THE ARRANGEMENT!

  • Arrange the "plain" leaves spray halfway under the ones with the "berries". When happy with how they look, glue them to the wreath. ALL COMPONENTS OF THE WREATH SHOULD BE PLACED FOLLOWING THE SAME DIRECTION. (All clockwise or all counterclockwise).

  • Glue the raffia bunches halfway  under the plain leaf sprays and gently fan them out.
  • Cut sunflowers leaving a piece of stem app. 1 inch long and glue to the wreath where you wish.
    •  Make a bow with the ribbon and add to the bottom, a little off center.

Make a chipboard pie plaque.
Lets do it: 
  • cut chipboard shape twice and glue together for sturdiness. 
  • Glue pattern paper to chipboard with Mod Podge (Plaid). 
  • Add message on "pie". The message reads: BENDICIONES ,which is the spanish word for BLESSINGS.

  • When completely dry, cover the front and back of "pie" with Mod Podge. Let dry. 
    • Add 2 eyelets. Attach a chain with jump rings to the eyelets. 
    • Hang the completed piece to the inside top of the wreath.

And don't forget tomorrow: 30 Days of Gift Making: DAY 3 !!!! Who ??? Where ??? It's KELLY at I will see you there !!!! :) HaPPy CraFtiNG !!!

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