Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Gift for Our Mailman: Etched Glass / Un Regalo Para Nuestro Cartero: "Etched Glass"

After many hours of thinking about what to give our mailman for Christmas, I came up with a great idea. It happened when I was looking around at my local Walmart and saw this very pretty yet inexpensive glass mug. I immediately pictured the mug in my mind, decorated in  "mail motifs" with glass etching. So, I present to you, my very first try at this beautiful craft. :)
****Despues de pensar muchisimo, sobre que podia regalarle a nuestro cartero para las Navidades, se me ocurrio algo buenisimo. Mientras estaba en Walmart, vi una taza grande de cristal. Decidi que la decoraria toda con motivos de "cartero" y que lo haria con la tecnica conocida como "glass etching". Esta es la primera vez que hago esta artesania.

What you will need:
  • Cricut cartridges (cartuchos):
  • Armour Etching Cream
  • Vinyl
  • brush
  • Transfer tape
Etched mailbox:


Mail truck:


  1. That is a adorable!! Your mailperson will love it!

  2. que bonito! Love it!