Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Clear Plastic Shower Curtain Decorated with Vinyl.

Hello everyone !!! I am taking advantage of a two week window I have between my son Brandon's wedding and my other son coming home for vacation from the NAVY !!! So, what did I do, I CRAFTED !!!! LOL
I took a plain clear plastic shower liner and decorated it with a summer theme. I did this with cuts of waterproof vinyl I made with my Cricut Imagine. I also decorated a toothbrush holder with the same kind of vinyl. 
  • Recipe:
    • cartridges:

    • clear vinyl shower liner
    • white shower liner (to put in the back of the clear liner) *OPTIONAL
    • white toothbrush holder
  • Print and cut shapes with your Cricut Imagine.
    • set your machine's pressure to 3; blade depth to 4.
  • Adhere to shower curtain and toothbrush holder.

THANKS for stopping by !!! Stay cool in this very hot summer :)