Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Clear Plastic Shower Curtain Decorated with Vinyl.

Hello everyone !!! I am taking advantage of a two week window I have between my son Brandon's wedding and my other son coming home for vacation from the NAVY !!! So, what did I do, I CRAFTED !!!! LOL
I took a plain clear plastic shower liner and decorated it with a summer theme. I did this with cuts of waterproof vinyl I made with my Cricut Imagine. I also decorated a toothbrush holder with the same kind of vinyl. 
  • Recipe:
    • cartridges:

    • clear vinyl shower liner
    • white shower liner (to put in the back of the clear liner) *OPTIONAL
    • white toothbrush holder
  • Print and cut shapes with your Cricut Imagine.
    • set your machine's pressure to 3; blade depth to 4.
  • Adhere to shower curtain and toothbrush holder.

THANKS for stopping by !!! Stay cool in this very hot summer :)


  1. What a great way to get a custom set.

  2. Love it Martha, this is so clever! Where did you get the waterproof vinyl?
    Thanks for sharing!!!

    Gina L.

  3. oh wow Martha this is so so cute love your ideas here you did amazing job love it I am so happy your son will becoming home to see you I know you have to be head over heels here Hugs my friend Debbie