Saturday, June 18, 2011

4th of July Fun Banner

Hope everyone is doing great !!! Here in Puerto Rico, the temperatures have started to soar and it is really, really hot. We just had a swimming pool installed and I haven't been able to get in due to a terrible sore throat and coughing. I think I will be ok by Fathers Day ( I hope!).

As I did last summer, I will be going into a crafting hiatus, because my 2 military boys will be home for vacation; one in June and the other in July. Brandon, the one that recently joined the ARMY, will be marrying his high school sweetheart when he comes. I am finishing the invites, will make the cake, and will make handmade soap as favors. YAAAYYY !!!

Today's project is a fun, festive, and patriotic banner for the 4th of July.
    • cartridges:
    • White cardstock
    • blue cardstock
    • red cardstock
    • curling ribbon
    • 3/4 inch circle punch (to cover the staple that attaches the ribbon curls)
    • 2 sided REMOVABLE tape
  • Print and cut flags ( I made 7)

  • With the "cut Only" feature selected, cut the banner with its shadow, and layer together.

  • Affix the flags to each pennant with removable tape. I did this with removable tape, so that I can use the pennants for a different occasion if I wish to.

  • I made 7 pennants and threaded curling ribbon through the holes.
    • I then made some cute "tails" of curling ribbon and attached them with mini staples to each pennant. I covered the staples with  red cardstock circles. These will be extra fun for my grandson to look at.

THANK YOU so much for looking. I will try to post pictures of the things I am making for my son's wedding. :)

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