Tuesday, November 2, 2010

30 DaYS Of GiFt MaKinG: DAY 2 - "Blessings" Autumn Wreath with Pie Shaped Plaque

HI everyone !!!! Welcome to 30 Days of Gift Making blog hop: DAY 2 !!! Don't you think that Jill's project was cute and, oh so meaningful ! ... loved it! If you haven't seen it, click here. Her project was the first of the 30 gift making ideas you will see on this special blog hop which Jill is hosting.

My gift is for my oldest daughter Cindy (not that it will be the only one she will be getting lol). Last year I made the most beautiful autumn wreath for my door and she loved it. As usual, she asked me to make one for her and as usual, I said: "Sure!" :) I ended up not making it but, this year I made it up to her big time; her wreath is much prettier and has more elements than mine Yaaay (...feeling less guilty!) lol 

Most of the instructions will be illustrated step by step through pictures. You can use the instructions to make Christmas wreaths or any other theme wreath.

  • These are the materials that I used for the wreath: vine wreath - spray of maple leaves - spray of sunflowers - raffia - florist wire (wrapped) - glue gun - masking tape - ribbon for a bow.

Lets do it:
  • Cut the raffia into bunches of app. 6 inches long. Tie the bottom of the bunches with floral wire and cover the wired part with masking tape.
  • Cut apart the spray of maple leaves leaving a stem app. 1 1/2 inches long. (this part of the stem is what you will insert and glue into the vine wreath). 
    • Separate the spray of maple leaves that have the "berries" from the plain ones. Start arranging the ones with the "berries" all in the same direction. When satisfied with the arrangement, glue them down with the glue stick. DO NOT GLUE ANYTHING BEFORE FIRST CHECKING IF YOU ARE COMPLETELY SATISFIED WITH THE ARRANGEMENT!

  • Arrange the "plain" leaves spray halfway under the ones with the "berries". When happy with how they look, glue them to the wreath. ALL COMPONENTS OF THE WREATH SHOULD BE PLACED FOLLOWING THE SAME DIRECTION. (All clockwise or all counterclockwise).

  • Glue the raffia bunches halfway  under the plain leaf sprays and gently fan them out.
  • Cut sunflowers leaving a piece of stem app. 1 inch long and glue to the wreath where you wish.
    •  Make a bow with the ribbon and add to the bottom, a little off center.

Make a chipboard pie plaque.
Lets do it: 
  • cut chipboard shape twice and glue together for sturdiness. 
  • Glue pattern paper to chipboard with Mod Podge (Plaid). 
  • Add message on "pie". The message reads: BENDICIONES ,which is the spanish word for BLESSINGS.

  • When completely dry, cover the front and back of "pie" with Mod Podge. Let dry. 
    • Add 2 eyelets. Attach a chain with jump rings to the eyelets. 
    • Hang the completed piece to the inside top of the wreath.

And don't forget tomorrow: 30 Days of Gift Making: DAY 3 !!!! Who ??? Where ??? It's KELLY at http://kellyjoskreations.com/ I will see you there !!!! :) HaPPy CraFtiNG !!!

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  1. Very cute and I love the idea of using masking tape! Clever I tell you clever!

  2. Super creativo!!!
    I know your daughter will love!!!

  3. Martha this is beautiful, as always I love your work, I'm sure your daughter will just love this, if not send it my way, lol so happy to be doing this hop with you and all the other lovely crafty ladies here, Debbie

  4. love wreaths
    love the fall
    love the hops
    love all of the creative ideas
    love: gad1974@windstream.net

  5. WOW. I'm inspired though I don't know how my wreath will turn out. I think you have inspired me nough to try though. I don't know if you can tell I'm trying to muster up the courage. LOL!!! TFS.


  6. Very cute. I love the ribbon you used.
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  7. What an adorable wreath. Thanks so much for sharing...I would never have thought of the raffia!

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  9. Martha, this is really pretty! Your daughter will be really happy! I hope Madison is making something for me!!!! HAHAHA. Seriously, you are so talented and I love all your work, as does Madison. Thanks for sharing.
    Cindy, Madison's mom

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    Jess B.

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    Rebecca Minor

  13. Great job Martha. Your daughter will LOVE IT.


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  17. This is so beautiful! now, i know what i can do with these leaves I've had for like 4yrs collecting dust! My daughter said we should make a wreath just like yours for our door, hoping to make it a weekend project for us! TFS! and so glad you could join us as a "hostess" for the hop!

  18. That wreath is very pretty! Thanks for sharing the details on how to make it. The details were very clear on what to do. Thanks!

    Hazel (hdhall6002@sbcglobal.net)

  19. Your wreath is gorgeous!!! I use to make wreaths all the time but haven't in years..before having a cricut...time to make one..I hope to make this one for Thanksgiving and another one for Christmas..can't wait to get started..your instructions are great! Thanks!

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