Saturday, January 15, 2011

Removable Glass Decorations Made With Ultra Cling Vinyl.

Hello again !!! Well, it seems like things have gone back to normal after all the wonderful Holiday craziness. To keep the house fresh and happy I always do "seasonal decorating". By that I mean adding details around the house that remind us of the season/Holiday we are in. I specially decorate with accessories in the kitchen, bathrooms and always, a wreath on the door.
I discovered that using ultra cling vinyl, it is possible to decorate many glass  items and that this decorations can be removed and even saved for next year or be given away to my daughters for them to use (just make sure to keep the paper backing). Isn't this wonderful ??? Buy as many plain glass decorative items as you want and change their look completely depending on the season or Holiday !!!!
 For this project I decorated two jars, one to put in the coffee and one for the sugar. And of course, I decorated them with Valentine's Day theme !!! :)
**** Hola otra vez, luego de la locura Navide~na. Siempre me gusta mantener la decoracion de la casa al dia, a~nadiendo deltalles de la temporada a la decoracionn de la cocina, ba~nos y una corona en la puerta.
Descubri que con el vinil "Ultra Cling" (que no contiene pega, solo la estatica lo hace pegarse al cristal), puedo cambiar la decoracion de articulos de cristal y darles a estos un "look" completamente distinto cada temporada. Se pueden guardar y ser reciclados el proximo a~no. Para este proyecto decore envases de cristal para el cafe y la azucar y obviamente, con tema de san Valentin. :)


Let's do it :
  • Print and cut images (*Imprima y corte)
    • Set machine to pressure 3, blade depth 5 
    • On your settings button, select gloss paper, and customize the border to 0.00
  • Cut, print and remove the top film of Ultra Cling vinyl (*Corte, imprima y remueva con cuidado la capa superior de Ultra Cling Vinyl)

  • Adhere all the images to the jars. Since this material does not have adhesive it is very easy to lift and move around. You will be surprised at how strong it will adhere to glass. (*Pegue a los cristales todas las imagenes. Al no tener pega, puede levantar por una esquina y moverlos de lugar. El enlace que hace con el cristal es fuerte)

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