Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Halloween Pumpkin card-Paper Doll Dress Up / Tarjeta de Halloween de Calabaza

The Holidays are coming!... The Holidays are coming !!!! hahahah I already feel I am behind on my Holiday prep schedule !! Well, here is a very simple Halloween card, made with the pumpkin on the Accesories 1  button on Paper Doll Dress Up  Cricut cartridge on page 52.
  • Cut all the pieces. I cut the pumpkin twice: one in orange and one in green
    • Cut out the "stems" on the orange pumpkin.
    • Glue the orange pumpkin on top of the green one.
    • Add googly eyes to pumpkin
    • Go over the score lines with a marker

    • Oh, and by the way, "Que tal ?" means: What's up ???


  1. Y de donde es esa estampa?? Quiero unas en espa~ol!!! BTW me gusta tu tajeta!! esos ojitos me encantaron!

  2. Very cute card!! Is that a stamp Que tal if so from who? I need some spanish sentiments:)