Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cheerful, Springy Birdhouse....

I heard in the news that some states are getting snow, even as I post this project. It's supposed to be spring everywhere ... today is April 1st !!! I know that all of you seeing a white blanket of snow on your front yard, your eyes must be seeing that, but your mind is hearing the birds sing, the flowers bloom and you feel warmth all over. For you my friends, I made my project. It is a very cheerful and a very springy: birdhouse :)
  •  Recipe:
    • Apple Barrel acrylic paint
    • Pearls
    • Stickles
    • Mod Podge: used as glue for the pattern paper
    • Wooden birdhouse
Make a pattern for the walls and roof of the birdhouse, using the birdhouse to take the measurements.

Paint the birdhouse yellow.

 Print the patterns with your Imagine machine on white cardstock, then  cut out the shapes to cover the birdhouse, using the pattern pieces you made before.
  • Ink the edges af all the pieces. Affix these pieces to the birdhouse with Mod Podge.
 Insert the Create a Critter cartridge in the Imagine machine.
  • Select your images and color with the patterns in the Blossom Imagine cartridge that is already inserted in your machine. Cut out the creatures, assemble and ink edges.


Once again, thank you so much for stopping by and looking at my project HAPPY SPRING EVERYONE !!!


  1. This is so Cute!!!! I have been wanting to do this with my 2 little Grand children. Thanks for the Inspiration. :0)