Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter Treat Bag Made With Lunch Brown Bags and Cricut Imagine.

Oh yes !!!! In only 8 more days it will be Easter !!! I am so excited because, we are introducing my grandson to our family traditions and we are having a ball. He is in Day Care and they will be having an Easter Egg Hunt !!! ... his first ever, and I have to be there to see him and take pictures. Then, next Sunday, he will be getting his Easter candy and dyed eggs. He will be dressed like a little prince for church.

So, with Easter coming so soon, I decided to make some Easter treat bags, using my Imagine and some lunch brown bags. They are so cute !!!
  • Cut and print the scallop oval. Fold it in half.

  • Fold the bag in half.
  • Cut 1 1/2 inch from fold line.
  • Pierce 2 small holes on the bag's fold. Thread a pice of hemp cord app. 9 inches long. Make a knot on each end.
  • Cut and print a rabbit/bunny. Decorate and glue to a green scalloped circle.
  • Add the bunny piece to the scalloped oval. Make a bow and add on top of bunny piece.

  • Make a slit on the scalloped oval fold, long enough to go from one end of the hemp handle to the other. Insert the hemp handle through the stlit.
  • Make grass by cutting a strip of cardstock and cutting it with fringe scissors.



  1. I love this..very nice. Great idea!!!

  2. Super cute...I Love it!

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